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Photo Upload Information
How do I upload a photo?
Photo Upload Instructions
We have partnered with a company called YOUSENDit which is a system that allows you to upload your photo(s) securely.
  • After you have purchased your item go to Giftcentre Home Page
  • Under Browse Shop click Upload Photos
  • Complete details required and please include Order Number in Subject Box.
  • Click USENDit and wait for photo to Upload
Disclaimer As this is a “personalised website” photographs provided by customers are processed on a secure site and in a secure environment. No photograph will be used for any purpose other than the personalised order received.

Photo Storage will store the photo(s) that you upload to the website for 30 days.  After 30 days, they will be removed from the Giftcentre storage facility.

How do I upload multiple photos ?
Before uploading your photos, ensure you have placed your order and received your Order Reference No. (Note: You also have the choice to send your photos by CD)
The quickest and easiest way to upload up to 100 photos is to use a ZIP program. This program is used to compress (shrink) files down in size so that they can be uploaded faster. Check if you already have a Zip program on your PC i.e. WINZIP, in which case go to Step 2, otherwise you will need to download the free zip program.
Step 1 Download Zip Software
- Go to - Click download button and Run
- Click Run if asked and follow screen instructions for installation
Step 2 Create Zip File
- Open Zip program (if not already open), click New Archive
- Double-click Desktop and under filename type Your name and Order No. then click OK
Step 3 Add Files
- Double-click My Computer
- Locate and Highlight all the photos you want to include in your photobook
- Click Add
- On completion, click Exit to close window
Step 4 Send Files
We have partnered with a company called YOUSENDit which is a system that allows you to upload your photo(s) securely to Giftcentre dropbox.
Go to and click Upload Photos found under Browse Shop
- On the Yousendit screen displayed, enter your details i.e. email, subject and message
  (please include your name and Order No.)
- Click Browse, double-click Desktop, select the Zip file, click Open
- Click SEND IT and wait for file to upload
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact  01 254 2620  or email